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30 MuskokaLife Moments of Summer

By Lauren MacDermid, August, 2016

When working in Muskoka or just visiting, there are so many moments that are #MuskokaLife worthy. How many of these moments have you hashtagged?

  • 1. Going for a pre or post work swim, kayak or SUP. As you float in the water with the sun shining you are thankful to not be in a concrete jungle.
  • 2. The biggest traffic hold up is a bear cub, fox, deer, turkey, moose or porcupine crossing during your drives to and from work
  • 3. Picking up fresh Ontario grown veggies for the week at your local farmers market in Port Sandfield, Port Carling, Rosseau, Bala, Bracebridge, Gravenhurst or Huntsville
  • 4. Practicing yoga in a boathouse while ducks swim about the lily pads at PYC Muskoka Yoga
  • 5. Lakeside patio drinks with friends after work
  • 6. Watching the countless sunsets light up the evening sky as the waters reflect the warmest glow
  • 7. Spending the day in a boat cruising the big 3 lakes of Lake Rosseau, Lake Muskoka and Lake Joseph to check out the grand boathouses and food stops (JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka, Windermere House, Lake Joseph Club, Grand Electric, Turtle Jack’s, Loondocks, Bala Falls Pub, The Creative Plate Eatery and Boston Pizza).
  • 8. Catching a night of music at The Kee to Bala, Clevelands House, Frankie’s Surf Club and JW Marriott
  • 9. Having as many picnics and BBQs as possible. Meats, cheeses and dips for a day lounging by a park, waterfall or hiking lookout is a regular routine
  • 10. Taking a leisure stroll through the pop-up shops at SWS Marina after a yoga class for cold pressed organic juice, ice cream, lululemon, Snapdragon Designs and wide variety of pop-up shops
  • 11. Riding the wakeboard cable at What Wake Park at Bush’s Watersports Park with friends. Monday night ladies’ nights are always memorable.
  • 12. Visiting the Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Preserve during a clear night for an unforgettable night under the stars and maybe even the Milky Way if you’re lucky.
  • 13. Eating as many tacos as you can at Grand Electric and Turtle Jack’s in Port Carling as you watch the boats come and go through the locks.
  • 14. Playing a round of golf in pristine wilderness at The Rock, North Granite Ridge, Bigwin Island, Taboo or Muskoka Bay Club as a deer and her fawns run across the course
  • 15. Lying out on a dock, beach or water tube at Hanna Park, Rosseau Park or Windsor Park with your friends catching up on all the gossip
  • 16. Visiting Johnston’s Cranberry Marsh for a Bottle to Bog tour of the cranberry marsh with delicious Muskoka Lakes cranberry wines to taste.
  • 17. Setting the stage for a romantic date with a night out at the Muskoka Drive In
  • 18. Sipping your favourite flavor of Muskoka Roastery, Legends Muskoka Café or Oliver’s coffee on your veranda
  • 19. Perfecting your balance during a SUP yoga class with Suptopia, Muskoka Yoga Studio or Zen Muskoka Yoga
  • 20. Grabbing a freshly baked cinnamon bun or donut at Don’s Bakery and devouring it by the Bala waterfalls
  • 21. Watching in awe as the Canadian National Ski show team and Team SWS execute a human pyramid with ease during their ski shows every Monday to Thursday around Muskoka
  • 22. Getting your ice cream fix at the Minett Corner Store, Silver Stream Farms, Mooskoka, Ice Dreams Soda Shop, Rosseau General Store, Tastebuds, Kawartha Dairy and Belly Ice Cream.
  • 23. Spending a rain day wandering the local shops and boutiques of Port Carling, Rosseau, and Bala (Free Anatomy, R!ot Clothing, Just Add Water, Health Hut, Twb Co.). Stopping to read the historical signs as you go.
  • 24. Getting outdoors to explore at Huckleberry Rock, Hardy Lake or the Torrance Barrens
  • 25. Getting your Friday night pizza fix with wood fired thin crust gourmet pizza at The Deck and PIE
  • 26. Making up for all the weekend beers, pizza and burgers with a Tri Lakes Training boot camp, your muscles will not soon forget
  • 27. As soon as you leave work via car or boat, sunglasses and flip flops are your standard attire
  • 28. Taking up rowing at Hatchets because you are surrounded by lakes and why not spend it on the water
  • 29.Doing a local brewery tour with your friends from the city at Muskoka Brewery, Sawdust City and Lake of Bays Brewery
  • 30. Night time hangouts always include a bonfire

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