Muskoka Birds of Prey at The Rosseau

By Lauren MacDermid.
July 2017

Have you ever heard a distant echo in the forest late in the evening and wondered what animal that could be? Muskoka Birds of Prey can tell you “wwwho”.

Maura, the Eurasian Eagle Owl.
Maura, the Eurasian Eagle Owl.

With over 36 years of falconry experience, Matt Liberkneht, owner of Muskoka Birds of Prey has educated The Rosseau guests via live shows for the past several years on the many different types of birds of prey. Practicing the craft of falconry in Germany, Matt has brought his profession to The Rosseau where guests are taught about falconry, its history and modern day uses.

During every live show an up close learning experience is included with live owls, hawks and falcons. Come watch as Matt explains each bird type, diet and unique characteristics as they soar around the room displaying agility, speed and grace.

Bow, the red tailed hawk and Maura, the Eurasian Eagle Owl at The Rosseau.

This is one unique Muskoka experience not to be missed! Look for this show during special holidays and select summer dates:

  • July 26th
  • August 9th
  • August 23rd

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Bow, the red tailed hawk.
Bow, the red tailed hawk.