Spring in December - Mother Nature Does Her Thing

By Lauren MacDermid.
December 2015

No matter how many wishes you make, fingers you cross or dances you do, you can never guarantee that Mother Nature will do what you want her to. As Canadians, we experience the joys of seasonal variation with a hot summer, colourful autumn, snow sparkling winter and verdant spring. Yet sometimes, Mother Nature has her own plans for something unexpected. With this in mind, The Rosseau recreation team always has exciting and unique activities planned for the weather. Rain or shine, snow or slush, there is always something to do year-round.

Now the question that is on everyone’s mind …what is there to do in Muskoka when there is barely any snow? We are glad you asked!

Guided Nature Walks and Bike Tours

Exploring the great outdoors never goes out of style when the seasons change; one just needs to get a little crafty with outdoor attire; layers are key! On foot or on bike, guests can learn about local flora and fauna, wild animal tracks, survival tips and the history of Muskoka.

Workshops – Clay Sculpting, Moccasin Making & Watercolour journaling

Unleash your creative side as you experiment with a new craft under the guidance of a seasoned artist or artisan. Learn a new skill by sculpting your own clay figure or making your own cozy moccasins. Enjoy the written word? Express yourself in a creative way with watercolour journaling. This could be the beginning of a new hobby.

Water Volleyball – Game on!

Serve up some memories with a friendly game of water volleyball in the year-round indoor-outdoor pool. The recreation team will offer tips and tricks to help get your game started.

Disc Golf

What’s similar to golf, but for all ages in any weather? Throwing a Frisbee into a basket year-round using the rules of golf. Learn the basics of disc golf while playing on the resort’s brand new three basket course.


Catching a big one is possible in any season. Whether you reel in a fish from the dock, on ice or in a boat, the peace and quiet of fishing can always be enjoyed. Just speak to the JW Marriott concierge and they will put you in touch with seasoned fishing experts from Muskoka Sports and Recreation and CanAm Pro Guide Fishing.

Starlight Night Walks

Strap on a headlamp (optional) and go for a guided nighttime stroll where you can learn about the natural environment and nocturnal species. Be sure to look up; the dark sky and absence of light pollution make for amazing star gazing opportunities.

Hatha Yoga

Find relaxation in a gentle and traditional yoga class for guests of all yoga levels. Experience relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation through a series of postures, breathing exercises and guided meditation. There is no better time to do your “ohm” thing than when on vacation so you can return home feeling rested and recharged.

Campfire Cooking

Become the next great campfire chef by making tasty treats like s’mores, donuts and banana boats over a fire year-round. Your new skills will come in handy on your next camping trip or bonfire!

Bingo, Board Games and Trivia

A cottage lifestyle classic, nothing beats the peaceful feeling of being in the moment, sitting around the fire playing board games with friends and family. Embrace your competitive side as you face off in organized games of Bingo and Trivia for bragging rights and a chance to win a prize.

The fun never stops at The Rosseau year round! Be sure to check out the newest 2015 Holiday Recreation Brochure’s to see what our talented Recreation team have planned. If you are also interested in arranging an organized activity for your private group booking or function please speak with your event contact for more details.