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Res Non Grata at JW Marriott Muskoka: The straw

A plastic drinking straw might be the only individual that is made to feel unwelcome at JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka this spring. The resort...

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22 Reasons We Are Excited For Another Muskoka Summer

Even though Muskoka winters are totally loveable, we must admit that this winter was long. With temperatures expected to hit the double digits...

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LUXURY. WORK. MUSKOKA - Part 4: Embrace Nature

When you come to Muskoka, you need to go out on the lake - whether swimming at one of the area’s many beaches, paddling a canoe, kayak or...

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LUXURY. WORK. MUSKOKA - Part 3: Explore the Local Area

During summer in Muskoka, you will want to experience everything the area has to offer when you’re not at work. Get your exercise...

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LUXURY. WORK. MUSKOKA - Part 2: Explore New Career Paths

If you have never worked in the hospitality field, this is your chance.  This summer, you may discover a new passion in an exciting area of...

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LUXURY. WORK. MUSKOKA - Part 1: Launch Your Career

Are you interested in working at JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka for the summer? Perhaps your goal is to launch a career in hospitality here....

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Embrace “Springter” Weather

As Mother Nature thaws the earth and green buds begin to sprout, the weather looks a lot like “springter”. Springter is a word our...

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Celebrate Canada's 150th birthday in Cottage Country

Known for its dense forests, boundless lakes and pristine natural landscapes, Canada is a country that thrives on its cozy cabin appeal....

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The Muskoka Life

How do you do-hoo! My name is Maura. I am a Eurasian Eagle Owl. I am a very fortunate owl because I am a regular guest at a beautiful resort...

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