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Res Non Grata at JW Marriott Muskoka: The straw

By Leah Leslie, May, 2018

A plastic drinking straw might be the only individual that is made to feel unwelcome at JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka this spring. The resort has added this environmentally responsible initiative to its extensive list of earth-friendly policies.

When the resort opened in December 2008, environmental stewardship of this pristine destination has been a top priority. Dark-sky lighting on the exterior of the building preserves the brilliance of stars in the night sky. Ponds built in the “Five Bridges” area to filter run-off from the neighbouring golf course have become a natural wetland habitat for amphibians, waterfowl and indigenous plants. A family of deer can often be seen drinking water from the ponds early in the morning. Three-stream waste management is just one of dozens of ways the resort conserves energy and takes care of the beautiful natural environment that makes this destination so popular.

“At JW Marriott, we understand how critical it is to preserve our surroundings so that guests and local residents alike can enjoy this incredible place for centuries to come. Eliminating plastic straws from all restaurant and events service is one more way that we can help keep wildlife safe and bodies of water clean. If a guest requires a straw, a biodegradable version will be provided,” says Tony Tamburro, General Manager. “Being great caretakers of the natural environment around us has always been important to our team. The resort’s Green Committee is constantly coming up with new ways to preserve and protect the environment.”

Since the resort launched the “straw-free” initiative on May 7, 2018, 2,800 plastic straws have been prevented from going in to landfill.

To learn more about the way JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka contributes to a clean, safe earth, go to ECOEVENTS by JW Marriott.

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